When does the Lunar New Year 2022 event start in Overwatch?

Overwatch fans recently wrapped up the 2021 Winter Wonderland event, and there’s already a new one on the horizon. Next up is the Lunar New Year event, which will be packing awesome cosmetics like skins, highlight intro, and emotes.

Considering the Lunar New Year event is a limited-time event, skins that will become available as part of the event will only be up for grabs until the end of the event.

Though Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t released any details regarding how many event-themed skins would be added to the game, last year’s Lunar New Year event had five Legendary and three Epic skins. If you’re looking to unlock as many Lunar New Year skins as possible without spending any money, you’ll need to make the most of the event from the moment it kicks off.

When will the Lunar New Year 2022 event start in Overwatch?

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2022 event doesn’t have a release date yet. The past iterations of the event went live around Jan. 16 and Feb. 8. The event is likely to hit the live servers in the next three weeks based on past dates.

When Blizzard finally decides on a release date for the event, however, it’s likely to keep fans updated through its social media channels. The event generally lasts three weeks as well, but a certain end date should also be released when Blizzard announces the Lunar New Year 2022 event.

Past skins from the previous Lunar New Year 2022 events will also be available for purchase throughout the event, giving players a second chance to purchase the skins they missed out on. In addition to new cosmetics, there will also be game modes like Bounty Hunter, Capture the Flag, and Capture the Flag Blitz.

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