Tornadoes, lightning, and Flare Gun added to Fortnite in v19.01 update

It’s not just enemy players and wild animals attacking you in Fortnite now. The elements are getting involved after a Jan. 11 update.

The new update introduces weather storms to the massive battle royale, with towering tornadoes and deadly lightning strikes now occurring across the map. But the tornadoes aren’t as deadly as they initially seem: They can actually help you significantly.

Players won’t take any damage when they’re sucked in and spit out by a tornado. You can even control when you exit the twister. You can’t stay in there forever, it will inevitably spit you out, but you won’t take damage when you land after gliding. The addition of tornadoes coincides with the start of Tornado Week in-game. Players have a higher chance of encountering them during this week, which runs until Jan. 17 at 8am CT.

The lightning strikes can hurt you, but even those provide Fortnite players with a small boost. The strikes will cause a small amount of damage and start a small fire, but struck players will get a temporary speed boost. Like in real life, you’re more susceptible to getting hit by lightning if you’re in a body of water or at a high elevation point. Just to be safe, we have to remind you not to try any of these things in real life.

Lastly, the Flare Gun has been unvaulted, providing players with a new weapon that can spread flames alongside the Fireflies Jar. Flare Guns can be grabbed from chests, floor loot, and supply drops. While tornadoes and lightning aren’t included in competitive games, Flare Guns are being evaluated (along with Shield Kegs) for competitive game inclusion.

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