Team BDS secure their first victory of the LEC 2022 Spring Split

Team BDS took down Excel Esports on the second day of The LEC Spring Split 2022 today, marking their first win in the League of Legends competition.

After a defeat by the hands of Fnatic, Team BDS faced Excel to redeem their fate and recover from yesterday’s close match loss. The team tried some off-meta picks like Soraka and went up against one of the strong meta draft teams, including marksman champions like Corki. 

Adam was ganked early in the top lane and Ornn gained priority in the top lane, putting Excel in control of the match. Team BDS didn’t lose their tempo, with jungler Cinkrof securing the dragons and getting kills on the side lanes to put the team on par. The skirmish had a slower mid game, where Excel dominated the match with their objective control and map awareness. 

Cinkrof and NUCLEARINT ensured the team had the same amount of gold as their opponent as they tried to scale through the match. Just when the game seemed to be slipping through BDS’ grips, put the team back in contention with frequent kills and teamfights. BDS got an excellent team fight against Excel, making it easy for them to damage and collapse on the enemy players.

With the Baron-empowered minions, BDS pushed through the bot lane, broke down the turrets, and ended the match in their favor. Excel, having long cooldowns on their deaths in the late game, couldn’t react in time after losing the teamfight in the bot lane.

LEC 2022’s day two continues with matches between SK Gaming and MAD Lions, G2 Esports and Astralis, and Team Vitality and Fnatic. Viewers can catch all the action on LEC’s Twitch channel.

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