Riot plans to buff Rengar, make adjustments to Tahm Kench and Lethal Tempo in League of Legends Patch 12.2

League of Legends Patch 12.1 dropped this week, marking the start of the 2022 season. The patch, though, was on the smaller side of things, offering just a few changes to gameplay, including an update to Teleport and adjustments to several champions.

Thankfully, there’s much more to come in the next patch, according to Matt Leung-Harrison, the design lead for the Summoner’s Rift team at Riot Games.

The game developer pinpointed three major changes that are being worked on for Patch 12.2, which is expected to launch on Thursday, Jan. 20, according to Riot’s official patch schedule.

First and foremost, he underlined a change that should make Rengar players pleased. The Pridestalker is getting his Unseen Predator (passive) upgraded in the next patch. Rengar “will leap when camouflaged (which includes Chemfog),” according to Leung-Harrison. This means Rengar won’t have to wait in the brush to cut the distance between him and his enemies when using his passive ability.

Tahm Kench is another champion that will undergo changes in the next patch, Leung-Harrison explained. The River King will receive adjustments that will make him “more viable” in the support role. The devs didn’t specify the details of the upcoming changes, however.

Last but not least, the dev revealed that the balance team is looking at making changes to Lethal Tempo. Riot plans to make the rune “better balanced for melee.” But again, Leung-Harrison didn’t go into the specifics.

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