PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play

It’s time. Get your squad together and hunt down that chicken dinner because PUBG: Battlegrounds is finally free-to-play.

As revealed at 2021’s The Game Awards, Jan. 12 marks the date that one of the biggest battle royale titles out right now comes free-to-play on PC, console, and mobile.

Prior to today, players on mobile could experience the action for free, but now everybody can join in the action. Like other free-to-play games, players will be able to purchase cosmetics and other unlocks in-game. It won’t, however, cost a cent to get started with the game.

If you’ve already purchased the game prior to today’s news, you’ll have access to the premium service, Battleground Plus. With this, you’ll get access to ranked play, custom modes, and special in-game items. You’ll also receive the PUBG Special Commemorative Pack with some free in-game loot.

Along with the game going free-to-play, update 15.2 also rolled out today, bringing a ton of new content to the game.

PUBG first launched in early access on Steam back in 2017, before quickly building up a large audience. At the time, it was the biggest Battle Royale game on the market. Over the years it has continued to maintain a dedicated player base as well as expand drastically with the release of PUBG Mobile.

Now that the game is free, it’s the perfect time for players who held off checking it out to get in on the action. Whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, you can head to your digital store and download PUBG for free right now.

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