Overwatch’s Ilios Lighthouse is slightly off-center and now our day is ruined

Overwatch players often make snarky remarks that the game is “unplayable” after minor updates, but one eagle-eyed Reddit user found an issue that honestly might put us over the edge.   

Ilios Lighthouse is one of the most picturesque maps in Overwatch. The namesake lighthouse is both a beautiful monument and a key area for strategic gameplay that includes an open lower layer for ground fights and multiple tiers for aerial assaults. As user VanarchistCookbook discovered, though, the top level of this beautiful lighthouse is also wildly, frustratingly off-center. 

We’ll give you one warning: Once you see it, you’ll never be able to look at the map without getting a free hit of anxiety ever again.

The coast side of the lighthouse’s top level is clearly almost hanging over the edge of the square base, but the front-facing side has a sizable gap before the base begins. Not only that, the coast side nearly clips into the edge of the square, which could easily be solved if it was moved up so both sides were even. The world would also regain peace. 

While you could argue that this is a tactical design—it’s impossible to stand on the coast side of the lighthouse but players can balance on the front side—we’d honestly rather deal with a sneak Pharah attack than a completely unbalanced lighthouse that will now bother us every time we load into this map. 

Players expect this kind of nonsense from Assault maps but not a beloved Control map like Ilios. Paris and Horizon Lunar Colony have so many tactical issues that they’ve been out of the competitive map pool for nearly two years. But at least they didn’t have asymmetrical tower problems. 

One commenter joked that this discovery will set Overwatch 2 back another year. If developers can remove an entire tank from the game, they can move a lighthouse level up another 30 pixels for the good of humanity.   

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