NICKMERCS and Snip3down join other big streamers in today’s $50,000 Apex OTK invitational

A $50,000 prize pool Apex Legends tournament organized by OTK is scheduled to start at 2pm CT today.

The tournament is an invitational that features a mix of pros and content creators. Twenty captains were invited, including many of the biggest players in the Apex scene. Among the team captains are TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, the popular content creator Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An, NRG’s Lululuvely, and Nicholas “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, who recently left the competitive Apex scene to play professional Halo on the FaZe Clan roster, will be making a return to Apex for today’s tournament as well.

The full list of participants can be found on the OTK Twitter account. The official stream of the tournament will be live on Twitch, but fans can also catch the action on the personal Twitch channels of many of the participants.

Tournaments with a substantial prize pool that involve both pros and content creators have struggled with team balance in the past. Some squads seem to inevitably end up with two or even three highly skilled Apex players, while others are forced to make do with less experienced teammates. Today’s tournament will be no exception: Several of the invited rosters have two or even three expert Apex players. These skill discrepancies are all but inevitable in tournaments that feature a mix of pros and content creators, particularly in an open esports ecosystem like Apex where the line between the two is highly subjective.

Despite that, the relatively big prize pool will probably deliver some excellent action for Apex fans before the ALGS playoffs.

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Ethan Davison