Kalista scores a pentakill at level 1 following an incredible 5-man root from Neeko

In League of Legends, the action often starts early with teams regularly looking to skirmish in the first two minutes of the game via the enemy jungle.

Sometimes, once players spot each other, they forfeit further aggression and return to their standard early activities. Other times, they go all-out, which can lead to tremendous early-game advantages. This clip is the perfect example of the latter.

The video begins with both teams advancing through the opponents’ bottom jungle. Thanks to the different routes taken by each squad, they avoid each other for the first thirty seconds of the game.

Once the teams bump into each other in the jungle, they commit to the fight. At first, it appears the red side is in an advantageous position, thanks to Qiyana’s health dropping low incredibly quickly. But Neeko comes to the rescue, lands an impressive Tangle-Barbs (E), and roots five enemies at once.

That’s when the bloodshed begins. Darius tries to desperately finish Qiyana by closing the distance with Flash. But, after using the Summoner’s Spell, he’s the first to fall by the hands of Kalista.

The red team, despite losing an ally, doesn’t hesitate to follow through. They, however, lack coordination, and one blue side champion, Talon, loses his life. While the red squad puts up their greatest efforts to finish off Qiyana and to burst down Dr. Mundo, Kalista wrecks havoc.

The series of eliminations in the favor of the Spear of Vengeance commences. Alistar and Hecarim are the second and third champions to fall to Kalista, before Samira and Zoe share their teammates’ fate, giving Kalista the level one pentakill.

Thanks to op.gg—a stats site dedicated to League—we can see Kalista’s team won the game in less than 35 minutes. Yet, it wasn’t as one-sided as you might imagine. The rivals put up a decent fight, despite falling behind in the early stages of the game.

In the end, Kalista wasn’t even the player with the most damage inflicted to champions. This statistic was claimed by Neeko, the true hero in the level one fight. The player finished the game with 44,119 damage done.

So remember, the key to success in League is often down to the support, despite all the kills the marksman picks up throughout the game.

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