Former Vitality and OG star NBK opens up about ASD diagnosis

Retired French Counter-Strike player Nathan “NBK” Schmitt has opened up about his recent ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) on Twitter.

In the statement via a google document, NBK detailed the pros and cons of his ASD diagnosis. While he credited the diagnosis for helping his decision-making, honesty, and pattern recognition, he did note its shortcomings, like lack of empathy, emotional eruptions, and clumsiness in social settings.

“This conclusion allows me to better understand past moments that happened in different teams and during life, and also explains why I’ve always been different than other players in the French scene especially,” NBK wrote. “It will also help other people work better with me in the future for maximum efficiency.”

NBK apologized to his former teammates for his former actions and words, stating that his intentions were never to hurt his teammates.

“I have sincerely never judged a person for who they are and what they believe in and said things or acted to hurt them intentionally,” NBK remarked. “My autistic obsession for success with my teams made me at times too insensitive and always pushing for more without taking the big picture into account and teammates for who they are as a whole.”

NBK credited his ASD for helping him and his teammates reach highs in esports, most notably, his two Major wins at DreamHack Winter 2014 and DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015.

NBK winning DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015. Photo via Adela Sznajder.

Though now, he understands that a balance between his natural tendencies to strive for greatness, and shortcomings to not understand emotional empathy is needed to be an even better person.

“I have been working with a sports psychologist since March and with the recent diagnosis, the most important thing is finding the team where I can evolve best and share my experience so that it benefits the team the most,” NBK wrote.

NBK has been retired from professional Counter-Strike since June 2021 and has since transitioned over to VALORANT. Though recent rumors and a possible hint in the statement could signify a possible return to his roots in Counter-Strike.

“My lead in France for most notable trophies won is shrinking and I might need to come to fight for it again,” NBK wrote.

NBK concluded his statement with links for those looking to better understand what being on the autism spectrum means, urging those on the spectrum to surround themselves with people who will nurture it.

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