Everything we know about Zeri, League’s first new champion of 2022

Just a few days before the official beginning of the 2022 League of Legends ranked season, Riot Games is already revealing massive additions and changes coming to the game. This week, the company unveiled the game’s next champion, Zeri, the Spark of Zaun.

Only four champions were released in 2021, but Riot has already hit the ground running with the first champion reveal of the new year during the first week of 2022. Last season, each champion release was tied to the Ruination event, with Viego, Gwen, Viego, and Vex all being related to the Shadow Isles, the Sentinels of Light, and the Ruined King’s quest to upend the world as we knew it. While it’s unclear at this time if Zeri will usher in a year of Zaun-related champions, it’s possible considering the region has been under a microscope since the release of Arcane last fall. 

There could be some time until Zeri hits the live servers, but the champion is still on the way and will most likely be released sometime in early 2022. This year’s ranked League season begins on Jan. 7, so it’s likely that Zeri won’t be released until after that date.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming League champion so far. 

She has an “electric” kit

Zeri’s abilities revolve around the use of electric magic. The power of electricity can be found in both her body and her electric gun, both of which are presumably used by the champion in combat, according to her official biography. Zeri’s lore says her mother crafted her a rifle at a young age that could be powered by Zeri’s emotions. The rifle’s “conductive barrel amplifies her power directly from her hands,” according to Riot. Zeri also found a way to control her powers with the help of her jacket, which allows her to shoot “somewhat precise electric bursts,” according to her biography.

Zeri’s lineup of abilities has not been officially revealed by Riot at this time. But it’s reasonable to presume that her kit will include her electric powers, her refined rifle, and potentially even her powerful jacket in some way. It’s been hinted at before by Riot that Zeri will be an AD carry.

She hails from Zaun

Image via Riot Games

Zeri is one of the latest champions to have a heritage in the undercity of Zaun. She spent her entire childhood in the city, growing up in a “large working-class family,” according to her biography

Zeri’s lore ties her deeply to the Chem-barons of Zaun, a group of opportunists looking to capitalize on the resources and energy in the city. One day, a mining accident caused by the Chem-barons put Zeri, as well as her family and friends, in danger. But the headstrong Zeri was able to use her electric magic to save countless people from the disaster. Still, Zeri realized it wasn’t enough. She came to the conclusion that she had to take the fight to the Chem-barons to truly keep Zaun safe. Zeri made it a goal of hers to get a better grip on her electrical abilities so that they may become more effective and reliable in combat situations. 

Whether Zeri has any ties to Riot’s recently released animated television series Arcane is yet to be seen. But the new champion is related to Ekko, according to her official champion page, another League character who descends from Zaun and appeared in Arcane. Additionally, considering the Chem-barons also appeared in the first season of Arcane, it’s possible that Zeri could have some kind of presence in the show. 

She’ll likely be released early this year

Although Riot has not given a hard release date for Zeri as of yet, it’s likely that she’ll be released sometime in the coming weeks if previous champion releases are any indicator. Last year, the first champion reveal of the year belonged to Viego, who hit the live League servers just two weeks after being unveiled to the public. It’s possible that Zeri’s release could follow a similar timeline.

This article will be updated as we learn more and get further details about Zeri.

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