Cassidy buff allows him to roll to some weird places in Overwatch

In the most recent Overwatch patch, the game’s one and only cowboy received a buff to his Combat Roll ability: He can now roll while in the air. This makes for some… interesting results.

Reddit user McMagicMarv took the time to test out Cassidy’s roll in a variety of weird spots and record the results. After rolling into unique spots on every single competitive map, they compiled the best and strangest moments into a video for Reddit. The clip shows Cassidy using the roll almost like a jump, maneuvering into tough spots like the upper-back part of Nepal’s Sanctum map and up the walls to the roofs in Dorado.

The extra boost means that Cassidy can also use environments and fellow heroes as ramps to propel himself even higher. One impressive part shows him jumping and rolling off the side of a parapet on Anubis and landing in a parked airship. Another great clip shows him rolling off Torbjorn’s head to jump from the ground to the upper level of the house near the objective on Hollywood’s control point. It’s a truly impressive compilation.

Other than cries for Torb’s safety and sanity, the most frequent comment was a concern that the developers will patch Cassidy’s “air roll” out of the game after discovering all of the unusual ways it can be used. The buff was tested on the game’s Experimental mode before being brought to the main game, according to McMagicMarv. The concern is that it could be just as easily rolled back since the developers like to keep a close eye on mobility potential in the game to make sure it stays fair and unexploitable.

For now, though, it seems like Cassidy’s wild rolls are here to stay.

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