Apex’s Dark Depths event launches new Habitat Arenas map in ranked and casual

Apex Legends’ new Dark Depths event has brought more than just new skins. The shooter’s new Arenas map, Habitat, went live when the event launched today. Players can dive into the new Arenas map both in casual and ranked modes starting today.

The first Storm Point Arenas map has two main POIs on opposing sides: Nest and Cave. While the Nest will open up room for mid-to-long-range combat, according to the official blog post, fights in the Cave will take place at close-to-mid range, so don’t forget to pack a shotgun or an SMG. Throw in high ground, ziplines, some Leviathan eggs in Nest, and a waterslide in Cave, and you’ve got a unique Arenas map ready for play.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed Habitat will be the only map in the ranked Arenas rotation for the first 24 hours of the event. In the casual playlist, however, Habitat will have 60-minute slots until Jan. 18, when it will go back to the usual 15-minute stints in the playlist.

Dark Depths

Although Habitat is the star of Dark Depths, players can take part in other festivities until the event ends on Feb. 1. This gives fans more options of what to do until the game’s next season kicks off, presumably in early February based on the game’s schedule so far.

The Dark Depths collection expands on the nautical elements from the Raiders event. Pirate getup gives way to technological swimsuits and, in Fuse’s case, even a Poseidon impression. It’s the second-best moment between Fuse and the sea, with the first being that scene in the Escape launch trailer.

Dark Depths items “are available for a limited time during the Dark Depths event,” according to the official blog post. But they’ll continue to be available in Apex Packs after the event ends. If you’re looking to snag them quickly, you can obtain Dark Depths Packs, which guarantee you one non-duplicate item. And if you don’t want to spend a penny, the cosmetics in the collection “can always be crafted with crafting metals”—and their crafting cost may even go down after two seasons, according to Respawn.

Dark Depths will bring weekly prize tracks, which come with their own set of rewards. Although skins, Holo-Sprays, and event packs are in the pool, players will also get a unique badge every week by completing the necessary challenges.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

To close the event, the in-game shop will have a special rotation featuring a mix of event items, packs, and cosmetics from past events. Though Wattson mains can rejoice with the return of Fight Night’s Haute Drop skin, Wraith mains have the most cause for celebration. The Interdimensional Skirmisher’s Protector of the Void skin—the infamous Iron Crown visual—will be back in the store for the first time since 2019 starting on Jan. 18. Move over, Voidwalker.

The Dark Depths event ends on Feb. 1, but some elements—like Habitat and the Dark Depths items—will stick around long after that date.

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