Apex Legends fan suggests new passive ability for Pathfinder

One fan has reimagined what Pathfinder’s passive ability could look like in Apex Legends.

Reddit user andoober posted a video from Apex YouTuber bobz, who makes videos about fan-made items, abilities, and adjustments for the game. One of bobz’s recent concepts included an adjustment to Pathfinder’s passive ability. Right now, Pathfinder’s passive is Insider Knowledge, which fully charges his Zipline Gun ultimate whenever he scans a Survey Beacon. Each scan also decreases Zipline Gun’s cooldown by 10 seconds.

Bobz’s new passive, however, would be called Happy Travels. Happy Travels would enable Pathfinder to use consumables, like shield cells and syringes, while traveling on any zipline. Combined with the power of Zipline Gun, it would give Pathfinder an advantage when traveling into or away from a fight.

Fans seemed to agree with the idea in the comments, with one commenter calling it “reasonable.” It’s certainly not one of the more earth-shattering legend ability ideas that fans have come up with, but that makes it all the more possible. Others suggested that bobz’s idea could be combined with Pathfinder’s existing passive, allowing the robot to both completely refresh the cooldown of Zipline Gun while activating a Survey Beacon and heal while riding on a zipline.

Part of the appeal of Insider Knowledge is that it gives Pathfinder players an additional incentive to scan Survey Beacons, which helps their entire team. Taking that ability away might result in fewer Pathfinders scanning Beacons, which means more work for their team.

Either way, there are no shortage of Pathfinder players right now: He’s the fourth most-picked legend across all players, according to Apex Legends Status. Any change to him would absolutely shake up Apex.

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Emily Morrow