Apex fan turns Mirage into a spinning helicopter of doom

Are you an Apex Legends player who has always wanted to make Mirage fly through the battlefield in a cloud of bullets? If so, it’s your lucky day.

One Apex fan recently shared a trick to turning Mirage into a whirlwind of doom.

In the video, Reddit user JustAnotherPita uses a third-person Easter egg in the firing range to send Mirage spinning with a Spitfire in hand. While in this vantage point, they grab a Spitfire and run up to one of the training dummies. After examining the Spitfire and crouching in rapid succession, a single punch sends Mirage flying backwards, spinning around the entire time. JustAnotherPita fires the Spitfire for added effect and even takes out a few of the dummies in the process. The effect is oddly majestic: it’s like Mirage is a member of the Outlands’ most cursed ballet troupe.

Fans made all sorts of jokes in the comments, comparing Mirage to everything from dancers to ninjas (“spinjitsu” is what they dubbed the move) to anime characters. A few pointed out that it looks like he’s copying Reaper’s Death Blossom ultimate ability from Overwatch, which sees that character fire a hail of bullets while rotating slowly in an area. Still others said jokingly that this is Mirage’s biggest buff yet and that the move will be replacing his current ultimate in a future patch. No matter which way you look at it, the moment is a hilarious bug that’s unlike anything else in the game.

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Emily Morrow