All Zeri skins in League of Legends

On Jan. 7, the League of Legends developers unveiled Zeri, the game’s newest champion. She’s an AD carry who comes from the undercity of Zaun, and her expansive lore connects her with champions such as Ekko.

Since Zeri was unveiled, players have been patiently waiting for the release of the new champion. Thankfully, they won’t have to wait for long, as the upcoming marksman is scheduled to hit the live servers on Jan. 20 with Patch 12.2.

Many details concerning Zeri are already known. Her lore and all of her abilities have been listed in full. You can find out more here.

Still, many have been wondering what skins Zeri will have upon release. In League, it’s a tradition for newly released champions to have two skins. A basic skin and one other. The same can be said for the Spark of Zaun.

Basic skin

Image via Riot Games

Zeri’s lore is connected to the Chemtech lords of Zaun, and her basic skin assembles all the colors associated with them. Yellow and green hair, a red gun, a blue coat, and a yellow top are just a few elements that make up her basic look.

Withered Rose Zeri

Image via Riot Games

Her first skin is Withered Rose Zeri. In it, the champion shows a unique style, vastly different from her original look. It’s wonderfully colorful, like most skins in the Withered Rose line. Here, Zeri spoils us with pink hair and a purple jacket, which match together nicely. All of these elements are complemented with white features, including her shorts and a shirt.

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