All PUBG New State Season Start and End Dates

Like its predecessor, PUBG Mobile, New State has seasons that create a timeline inside the game. Not only do seasons introduce ranked mode resets but they also bring in a plethora of new content.

Seasons also tend to have themes that make them even more special. Winter seasons often bring back snowy maps and fun cosmetics that reflect the time of the year, for example. But no season runs forever.

Whenever a new season rolls by, players are treated with events to celebrate the occasion and unlock various rewards. With PUBG: New Statesfirst season lighting the fire, it’s only natural to wonder when the next season might start.

Season name Start date End date
Season one Jan. 13, 2022 Unknown
Season two TBA TBA

Players looking to make the most out of all PUBG: New States seasons should focus on completing all the season-specific questlines before they expire. When the new season starts, they’ll be replaced by new ones, bearing more awesome gifts.

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