How much XP is needed for each level in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 1?

A new chapter in Fortnite has arrived, which means a new season is underway and there’s a new battle pass to level up.

This season, Fortnite is doing something a little different with the battle pass’ rewards progression. Instead of earning a single reward each level, players will earn stars that can be spent on a collection of different rewards depending on their level.

Each time a player reaches their 10th level, they’ll unlock a new page of rewards in the battle pass that they can spend stars on. There’s a boatload of ways to earn XP in Fortnite aside from just playing the game and placing high, including completing quests, discovering landmarks, talking to NPCs, opening chests, and more.

How much XP is needed for each level in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one?

Based on the required XP needed to level up the first few levels, it looks like this season follows the same progression curve as previous seasons. Here’s a table outlining the required XP for each level. Every player starts at level one.

Level XP needed from previous level
Two 40,000 XP
Three to four 50,000 XP
Five to 13 60,000 XP
14 to 20 70,000 XP
21 to 100 80,000 XP

The amount of XP needed gradually increases as you progress through the first 20 levels, but it appears to cap out at 80,000 XP per level once you hit level 20. Your biggest source of XP will be completing season quests, which usually award 25,000 each for completing, plus bonuses of up to 55,000 for completing multiple tasks.

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