Call of Duty: Vanguard Gentlemen’s Agreement list: GAs v1.0

With the launch of each Call of Duty title, a new ruleset is eventually released by the Call of Duty League. But every year, pro players implement their own unofficial rules, more commonly known as Gentlemen’s Agreements (GAs).

If a weapon, attachment, item, or setting is deemed uncompetitive or overpowered and isn’t officially banned by the league, pro players will vote in a private chat with representatives from all 12 teams to decide if the item will be unofficially banned.

Below is a list of things that are currently GA’d in Vanguard, as well as additional lists at the bottom for different regions in Challengers. Check back for any updates.

The official ruleset can be found on the Call of Duty League website.

Vanguard Gentlemen’s Agreement v1.0


  • Submachine Gun
  • Sniper Rifle
    • Search and Destroy: One allowed per team.


  • All magazine attachments restricted. (Note: This could exclude Pistols, will update.)
  • Shrouded (sniper rifle) proficiency restricted.
  • VDD 189mm Short (MP-40) barrel attachment restricted.
  • Pistol attachments that increase fire rate restricted.


  • Lethal
  • Tactical
    • Smoke Grenade
      • Search and Destroy: One allowed per team.
      • Respawn: Restricted.



  • Auto Tactical Sprint restricted.
  • MP-40 “Space Issue” Blueprint restricted.



  • STG44 (Assault Rifle) restricted.
  • Two Smoke Grenades allowed in Search and Destroy per team.

Latin America

  • STG44 (Assault Rifle) restricted.

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