An FMV Christmas: Season’s Greetings 2021

December already?! It seems like only a variant ago that we did this last. But time flies when you’re playing games and dodging aerosols, and indeed it is that magical time of year once again.

We really wanted to give everyone peace on Earth, but like just about everything else these days, we discovered it was hopelessly backordered. It’s the thought that counts, though, so the next best thing is to continue our annual tradition of gathering together the personal holiday greetings from many of the adventure genre’s top developers.

You already know their games, but these videos offer a first-hand introduction to the passionate, creative, and dedicated people behind the products that let the rest of us goof off and have fun throughout a very trying year.  

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah (we’re a little late, sorry), Kwanzaa, Festivus or another occasion of choice, we here at Adventure Gamers extend our best wishes for a happy holiday and wonderful new year as well.

Be safe, be blessed, and be responsible to protect those around you so we can meet back here in another year to do it all again.


Order of Appearance

0:22 – Dionous Games (Watch Over Christmas)
1:25 – Tim Schafer, Double Fine (Psychonauts 2)
1: 51 – Anna Mimik, 2FOR2 (KAPIA)
2:52 – Pirita Studio (Mutropolis)
3:57 – Studio Fizbin (Minute of Islands, Lost at Sea)
5:20 – Andrew Goulding, Brawsome (Warp Frontier)
6:28 – Blazing Griffin (Murder Mystery Machine, Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases)
8:24 – Dominik Schön and Elias Kremer, kaleidoscube (A Juggler’s Tale)
9:18 – SOEDESCO (Adam’s Venture)
9:40 – Amanita Design (Happy Game)
10:20 – Mariano Falzone and lunafromthemoon, Orbis Tertius Games (Imaginaria, Personal Rocket)
11:45 – Nicola Piovesan, Chaosmonger Studio (ENCODYA)
13:14 – EggNut (Backbone)
14:16 – DigiTales Interactive (Lacuna)
15:17 – Dylan Nagel, Gamious (Lake)
17:00– Cyan (Myst 2021)
18:28 – Old World Studios (Riddle of the Sphinx: The Awakening)
20:10 – Paul Conway, Spooky Doorway (Darkside Detective:  A Fumble in the Dark)
21:12 – Explosm (Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse – Part 1: Hall Pass to Hell)
22:49 – Monkeys Tales Studio (A Painter’s Tale: Curon, 1950)
23:44 – Yann, Goloso Games (Inspector Waffles)
24:35 – Nakul Verma, Playbae (In My Shadow)
25:46 – Octavi Navarro Arts & Games (Midnight Scenes: The Nanny)
26:40 – Asaf Geva and Eyal Geva, Peanut Button (The Secret of Retropolis)
27:17 – Devespresso Games (Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood)
27:50 – Wormwood Studios (Strangeland)
29:21 – Red Martyr Games (Saint Kotar)
30:50 – Dave Proctor, Mighty Yell (The Big Con)
32:00 – Charles Cecil, Revolution (Beyond a Steel Sky)
32:31 – Kan Gao, Freebird Games (Impostor Factory)


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