Valve brings Fantasy to Dota 2 full-time, provides Battle Pass update ahead of DPC Winter 2022 Tour

With qualifiers underway in all regions, Valve has details some additional plans for the upcoming 2022 Dota Pro Circuit season, which begins its first of three regional league Tours next week. 

Comprised of three regional leagues, three Majors, and a last chance qualifier for The International 2022, fans have a lot to look forward to in the competitive Dota heading into the new year as teams fight to claim DPC points along the way. 

Stepping away from the actual competitive aspect of the upcoming season, Valve has confirmed that the next Battle Pass, which acts as a follow-up to the one released over the Summer, will launch in the coming weeks. More details will be shared soon, with new “special” elements being added to spice things up. 

In a broader update that will be available alongside the DPC Winter 2022 Tour, Valve has turned Dota Fantasy lineups into a stand-alone feature that will run during all DPC competitions rather than just the TI Compendium once per year. 

This updated version of Fantasy will work in a similar way, with the main change revolving around fans competing within specific regions over weekly scoring periods rather than generally on a daily basis. This will be done through a set Fantasy roster period, typically set to run over a single week outside of specific instances, such as the upcoming holiday season. 

Players will make a lineup using five Player Cards of their choosing—two core, one mid, and two support players. These cards will score Fantasy points based on their individual performances during a set match period, with Silver and Gold cards holding special stat bonuses that can help players earn more points. 

Every player gets 10 starter packs when they sign into the Dota 2 client, with more packs available for winning games of Dota daily. Team Packs, or packs that are specific to only one roster, can be purchased directly in the Player Cards section once the Supporters Club goes live in the near future. 

Additionally, each DPC region will act as its own Fantasy league, with players being able to participate in multiple regional leagues, earning Fantasy Levels based on their best Fantasy performance for each set period. Essentially, you will earn the rewards for your highest placement if you participate in multiple leagues. Here is how the rewards will work for every region per period. 

  • Players in the top 10 percent
  • Players in the top 25 percent
  • Players in the top 50 percent

With every third level earned, players will unlock a DPC Winter 2022 Tour treasure, which will be detailed in a future update. Every other level will give players 500 Shards to use as they see fit. 

For reference, all Division One matches are eligible for Fantasy, and the highest-scoring two games of a best-of-three count towards a player’s score, with only one series counting per period.

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