The 9 Best Gifts for Overwatch Fans

As the holiday season approaches, gift shopping surges. If you have an Overwatch fan on your list, we have some options for you.

Overwatch has 32 playable characters spread across three different roles. In the game’s community, there are “mains” who devote more of their playtime to a specific hero whose playstyle they resonate with the most. Someone that plays a lot of Mercy, for example, would be a Mercy main. Finding out who your giftee mains is a good first step to narrow down the options to a specific character. People with specific mains will appreciate gifts associated with those characters.

Some players are flex characters will rotate which heroes and roles they play, while others limit themselves to a specific role such as healing or damage. In this case, finding out which characters they prefer will help you narrow down your options. 

Overwatch is marketed towards an older audience. You won’t find many plush toys here. Instead there are a lot of accessories, apparel, and collector items. 

Prints and signed art

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

The Blizzard Gear store has a variety of comic scenes, cinematic stills, and pieces of art from the Overwatch universe available for purchase. Most pieces come with their own frame, but if you really want to splash out, you can also get most pieces on canvas.

If you’re not interested in any of the official pieces, resell sites like Ebay and Mercari carry a significant amount of old BlizzCon posters, limited-edition art pieces, and signed art. You might pay a little bit more or have to win an auction, but if your giftee is a big fan of a particular hero, getting them a signed poster or photo might make their whole year.

Funko Pop

Image via Blizzard Gear Store

Funko Pop figures are popular collectable items for fans of many series. Overwatch has long been partnered with Funko Pop. There are many variations of all the characters, from Ana to Zenyatta. Many of the Funko Pop figures have different skins for the characters. Fans would like to collect them all or may appreciate their main character in their favorite skin. 

Gaming peripherals

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch partnered with Razer to create themed gaming peripherals. Not surprisingly, these make great gift options for players and fans that play on PC. Some may work with PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch players. Razer’s Death Adder mouse is a good starter gaming mouse for FPS players. It has two additional thumb s on the left side to use emotes or abilities. The Overwatch version is black with orange accents. 

Another mouse is the Icon Abyssus Elite from Razer featuring a D.Va pattern and logo. It’s less advanced than the Death Adder but it is ambidextrous.

In addition to the Death Adder, there’s the Black Widow Chroma keyboard. With clicky, tactile keys, it’s a satisfying addition to a gaming arsenal. Like the mouse, it is black with orange accents. 

There are two Overwatch-themed headsets from Razer: the black and orange ManO’War Ultimate headset that matches the rest of the Overwatch line, and the Lúcio-themed Nari Ultimate. The ManO’War is an older and less expensive model. The Nari is a more recent addition to the Razer line and the Lúcio-themed color variation is newer still. The ManO’War headset was released in 2016 around the same time as the game. The Lúcio Nari Ultimate released in September 2019.

While both headsets are good, the Nari is more expensive with more features. The Nari is a wireless headset with better sound, comfort, and overall more improvements on the Razer formula. The ManO’War is a good wired headset and much cheaper than its green counterpart. 


Image via Blizzard Gear Store

Hoodies and shirts make up the majority of Overwatch’s merchandise. Hoodies can be found at either J!NX or from Blizzard’s merch shop. Designs vary between the two websites. J!NX has officially licensed products with multiple characters and designs. Blizzard’s shop has winter and holiday-themed items plus some additional, generic designs. There is some overlap between the websites and their products. Some patterns and prints are repeated on different shirt cuts or styles. 

The Cinematic Art of Overwatch, Vol. 1

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

There’s no denying that what made many players take note of Overwatch was its cinematics. These high-quality animated shorts look like they’re ripped right out of a movie, which makes sense considering Overwatch was originally rumored to be a feature film rather than a game. The Cinematic Art of Overwatch, Vol. 1 takes an extended behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game’s most famous shorts, from “Recall” to “The Last Bastion.” Fans of the game’s cinematics will find a lot to like in the oversized book’s developer interviews, progress shots, and commentary.


There are some talented fans out there. Just typing Overwatch into the search bar on Etsy yields hundreds of impressive, gift-worthy results. Artist and seller FanFitGaming makes neon lights based on the Overwatch characters and select sprays. They don’t have all of the characters but the product is unique. If their preferred characters are available, any fan would love to have one.

Bags and backpacks

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

If the Overwatch fan in your life is a little more fashion-forward, they’ll love some of the bags, backpacks, and other carryalls that Blizzard features in its online shop. The tokidoki x Overwatch selection is a particularly stylish line, incorporating Italian designer Simone Legno’s colorful prints with the game’s cast. You could do a lot worse than his cool backpacks and purses.

If your giftee is looking for something more cosplay-related, the gear store also offers backpacks that look like Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, Mei’s snow canister, and more. Once you’ve picked out the right one, why not accessorize it with a keychain of their favorite hero? You can find those in the Gear store, too.


Image via Blizzard Gear Store

Overwatch has an odd relationship with plush. Occasionally there is a cute, chibi plush of a character, or an unofficial fanmade one. Most of the official products are of smaller characters, like Mei’s drone, Snowball, or Pachimari. The Pachimari plush toys may be somewhat odd, but they’re charming in their own right. They come in multiple skins and themes from the basic Pachimari to the Halloween Pachimari. Snowball has less options but would be a good choice if your recipient is a Mei main. 

Some of the smaller and less dramatic plushies are the Pachimari keychain plushies, which can also be purchased from the Gear store. They’re a few inches square in size and come in a variety of styles, including lantern, vampire, and crowned.

Statues and figurines

Image via Blizzard Gear Store

Blizzard makes official statues of select characters. To date, there are statues for Widowmaker, D.Va, Hanzo, Genji, Genji’s sword, Tracer, Reaper, and Doomfist. A Mercy statue was made at some point but is not listed in the store. It is possible to locate it again, but it’s likely to be marked well above selling price. While the available characters are popular, knowing your fan will appreciate one of the options is advised before buying due to the cost.

The official statues aren’t the only option. There’s the official Figma line with similar quality but a lower price. The Figma line are collectibles and toys. They have ball-and-socket joints that can be posed for better, more exciting displays. There are more character options with the Figma line for those with less popular favorites.

If you want to go even cuter, a couple of the game’s heroes are available as Nendoroids, chibi-style figures with changeable face plates and accessories. They’re not as poseable as Figmas, but they’re smaller and more suited to a work desk than some of the larger figures.


Image via J!NX

A small way to take your favorite characters with you is with a wallet. Official stores and unofficial artists have a variety of options available. The majority of these options will be on Etsy. J!NX has some options with different designs. You can find more generic options with the simple Overwatch logo from other official markets. Etsy can range from inexpensive, patterned synthetics to full leather products.

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