League fan creates Star Guardian Caitlyn skin concept to celebrate Arcane

The Sheriff of Piltover is taking on a new form to maintain peace throughout the galaxy in this fan-made League of Legends skin.

3D artist and designer Daniel Matos, known as Bearded Shepherd on Twitter, created a stellar model for Star Guardian Caitlyn. The original concept was made by Jorge Miquel, who had prepared various versions for Caitlyn’s Star Guardian skin. 

Image via Jorge Miquel

The model was made in celebration of the first season of Arcane, League’s animated Netflix series, in which Caitlyn is one of the leading characters. But, as in many Arcane scenes, there is something that seems to be missing from this design. In almost all of Caitlyn’s skins—except in the Pulsefire universe—the sheriff wears a headdress or hat of some sort, which is lacking in this concept as well. Maybe this could be a hint to the legendary status of this fan-made skin.

Caitlyn could be another perfect addition to the Star Guardian lineup. The sheriff would become one of the young warriors destined to protect the light of the stars by “burning bright” as no one ever did. 

Both artists who worked on this concept added many shiny details, and one of those is the magical medium of the guardian. Mediums are often cute and cuddly creatures who embody the true nature and power of the associated guardian. 

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