Ash portal can scale skyscrapers on World’s Edge in Apex Legends

When Ash was introduced to Apex Legends, the game welcomed yet another legend with a powerful rotation ability: her ultimate, Phase Breach. The one-way portal joined other legend ultimates like Wraith’s Dimensional Rift, Octane’s Launch Pad, and Valkyrie’s Skyward Dive as useful ways to move a player and their team around the map. Combining any of these ultimates, of course, can give a team some extra distance.

Probably not as much as one combo, however, as demonstrated by an Apex fan on social media recently.

Reddit user iCATxHero discovered the very best vantage point for a Valkyrie ultimate, courtesy of Ash’s Phase Breach. While the horizontal distance for Ash’s ultimate seems very set in stone, players have noticed for a while now that the Phase Breach seems to be able to go further vertically than it does horizontally. This is certainly true here, as this team uses it to get all the way to the out-of-bounds area on top of one of Fragment West’s skyscrapers. From there, it’s a pretty simple matter to fly around the map with Valkyrie’s ultimate. In this case, it takes the team all the way into the middle of Harvester, from a height that looks not-unlike the relative height the drop ship flys at in the beginning of games.

While Ash’s ultimate is certainly designed to include verticality, in all probability, it shouldn’t be able to cover the massive distance it takes to get on top of one of the Fragment buildings. Chances seem fairly good that that vertical traversal ability will be tuned down in the future. Until that time, however, the top of a building is as good a place as any to go flying.

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Adam Snavely