T1 employee tests positive for COVID-19, all players and staff to be tested

An employee of T1 has tested positive for COVID-19, and now all T1 players and staff members are going to be tested as a safety precaution, the organization announced today via Twitter.

T1 said that no one else has shown symptoms for COVID, but it is still requiring all of its players to be tested.

“Earlier today, T1 was notified that an employee was tested positive for COVID-19,” T1’s statement reads. “Although the staff and players of T1 have not shown any symptoms, EVERYONE will be going to the nearest health center to get tested for the safety of the teams and company. The situation has been communicated internally, and we will make sure to update the fans and community about the situation.”

T1’s League of Legends team recently won the LCK Regional Finals, securing the third and final automatic spot for Korea in the Worlds 2021 group stage. The team is set to compete in the end-of-year tournament in Iceland, which begins on Oct. 11.

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